Bulk Quick Appraisal

13 May 2021


Australian’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated in July 2020

“the [mine] permitting process has taken an average of three-and-a-half years, as it’s laden with duplications”

Nothing has improved since.

Additionally, Mr Morrison failed to mentioned the 2 years of site studies before applying for permits, which makes it 5 ½ half years to get a mining project off the ground. Miss a step and the process starts all over again.

Furthermore, the WA government is now considering amending the Mining Act so when lodging a mining lease application a mine closure plan is to accompany mining proposal, (called the Mining Development and Closure Proposal). A bit like writing your obituary before your born.  Making the process even longer.

To prepare all this documentation for a mine development and the accompanying infrastructure (such as roads, rail, power generation, water supply) a due diligence is required to determine land use and other issues that may arise.

DMIRS has a GIS package called Tengraph which is able to provide a pdf report called a Quick Appraisal that identifies all the land uses, on a tenement by tenement basis, though it is a time consuming process including the data collation.

LandTrack Systems recently developed a new feature in LandTracker with the ability to extract multiple tenement Quick Appraisals from DMIRS Tengraph and automatically convert the data into a single excel spreadsheet, saving you an enormous amount of time.

Below, is a 2 minute video showing the process, alternatively view the pdf.  The excel file is the resulting the product of the process.


A pdf document demonstrating the Bulk Quick Appraisal process

An Excel file showing the results of the Bulk Quick Appraisal