Scholarship Awarded to Kelly

12 May 2021

LandTrack Systems is proud to announce that our Tenement Management scholarship has been awarded to Kelly Gilich. She said “I greatly appreciate the opportunity the scholarship provides“.

Kelly was raised in gold mining town in the WA desert and accompanied her father out into the scrub searching for gold. With the WA countryside in her veins she is a true WA country girl with their ethics of honesty, integrity and hard work. Kelly commenced her working career like all teenagers on the checkout of a retail store getting a good grounding in work ethics and responsibility. Then spent time as clerk at Masters Dairy. But wanting to seek out the mining industry, after a short stint at Elton Mining working in recruitment, commenced FIFO work driving heavy machinery on mines, ranging from trucks, water carts, rollers and loaders. In between, Kelly worked a 10 year stint at Australia Post business centre. Then back onto the machines and into the Hi-Vis and mud on BHP’s mine site for 10 years, where she used Pitram, for fleet management and mine control recording, managing and processing mine site data.
Kelly now has a 2-year-old girl and is seeking employment in Perth and nominated herself for the tenement training scholarship to gain experience in another facet of the mining industry.
LandTrack Systems is well aware of the struggles the mining industry has faced over recent months, having to come to terms with Covid-19 and the restrictions on interstate and international travel. We are also aware that many West Australians have had their lives thrown into turmoil with countless people losing their jobs. We decided to contribute to the community by offering a scholarship in these challenging times.

With the scholarship Kelly will become a competent tenement manager and receive:

After Kelly completes of the scholarship and with her experience in the mining industry, Kelly will have knowledge and skill to become a tenement manager.