Training Overview

Join us for two full days of training that will boost your tenement expenditure knowledge and help you skilfully manage your mining compliance. You’ll learn about:

Allowable Expenditure
  • Allowable expenditure
  • Allowable group expenditure
  • Allowable administration expenditure
Court Cases Influencing Expenditure
  • Presenting expenditure data: court cases
  • Guidelines for exemption applications
  • Bell decisions and implications
  • When, how and why
  • Coding for mining
  • Coding for exploration
  • Catering for international companies
  • Psychology of coding participation
Strategic Expenditure to Meet Commitments
  • Group expenditure
  • Expenditure before and after the anniversary
  • Accrual expenditure
  • Legally spreading expenditure across tenements
  • Expenditure over the term of tenement
Working with Data Sources
  • Importing text data
  • Importing XML data
  • Using CSV
  • Copying from other sources
  • Data validation – preventing errors
Using Excel to Analyse and Report On Expenditure
  • Summarising expenditure
  • Budgeting for tenement expenditure
  • Charting expenditure for reports
Excel Skills You Will Gain During this Course
  • Working with Excel tables
  • Analysing data using pivot tables and slicers
  • Representing data using charts, including pivot charts
  • Using conditional formatting to highlight data of interest, or anomalies

Practical Training Using Real-World Case Studies

During our practical two-day course, you’ll learn using real-world case studies combined with practical theory. You’ll deepen your understanding of how tenement spending affects compliance and tenure security.

You’ll identify the gaps in your knowledge, then our talented industry experts will help you fill them.

Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll be more confident and competent in all areas of managing your project and tenement expenditure.

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