Environmental Responsibilities

19 May 2023

Greens MP Brad Pettitt, announced in Parliament that Rio and Fortescue were not taking their environmental responsibility seriously, he deduced this from the WA Auditor-Generals report released late last year. The report highlighted a lack of penalties or enforcement by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS), and the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) for non-compliance.Allegedly, Rio Tinto failed to seek proper permits for wastewater at Winu exploration camp, while Fortescue disturbed land outside of approved areas, improperly built retaining walls, failed to bury hazardous material within 24 hours, and did not clean up oil spills quickly enough at two of its exploration leases and at the Eliwana Mine.

We know that Rio Tinto and Fortescue take their environmental responsibility seriously, but the laws are so diverse and intricate not all employees are aware of their responsibilities in respect to multitude of Environmental Acts.

Change this by sending them to LandTrack’s practical Environmental Essentials WA course and avoid your company being called out in parliament for breaching environmental laws and failing to meet your ESG obligations.

Our next training course will be held in conjunction with Dr. Garry Middle of Vision Environment. Dr. Middle has over 35 years’ experience in environment planning, as a consultant, educator/trainer, researcher and practitioner. He has worked with State and Local governments, consulting and as an academic. Currently is an Associate at Curtin University and holds the following positions:
• Director, Vision Environment;
• Chair of Great Victoria Desert Biodiversity Trust, funded by the Tropicana Gold Mine as an offset for its impacts on matters of National Environmental Significance;
• Member of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand Special Interest Group on Impact Assessment and the International Association of Impact Assessment;
• Member, Professional Advisory Committee, Department of Geography and Planning, Curtin University; and
• Part time member of the State Administraive Tribunal

Dr Middle has previously:
• Worked for the WA Environmental Protection Authority – the peak environmental agency in WA – for over 15 years;
• Appeals Convenor for the WA Minister for Environment; and
• Director, Environment and Natural Resource Planning, at Department of Planning and Infrastructure.
• Provided advice to local governments on climate change adaption planning, was Curtin University’s representative on the United Nation’s COP.
Dr Middle has also ran training courses for staff of the office of the EPA; taught EIA and Curtin University and has run several professional courses on the EIA processes in WA and is the recognised expert on EIA; both internationally and nationally.”

Environmental Essentials WA |  10-11 Aug 2023