Welcome Thea

3 Dec 2019

LandTrack Systems is proud to announce and welcome  Thea van der Hoogt as our new Support & Testing Specialist.

After finishing a diploma in fine arts, Thea realized that she liked computers a lot more than paint brushes and decided to further her studies, this time completing a National Certificate in Datametrics.

In those moments when she can use computers and art in conjunction, she is living the dream.

When she is not doing her best to break the developers’ hard work; calling it software testing, she enjoys spending time creating all kinds of weird things, such as inter-active graphic novels, subtitles for movies and series, writing stories and painting.

She strongly believes that if something is worth doing, you might as well do it to the best of your ability. She has been striving to live up to this belief for the 20+ years of being an Office Administrator/Software Tester/Desktop Support/Mother.

At the start of November, Thea joined LandTrack Systems Support/Testing team and she is currently working hard to learn all that she should, to become of value to our wonderful team.

Linked In: Thea van der Hoogt