Training Overview

Join us for two days that will transform your approach to tenement management. You’ll learn about:

Organising Procedures
  • Procedures to minimise mistakes and secure tenure
  • Tenement Management record-keeping with relation to Corporations Law, Acts Interpretation Act, Mining Act and Mining Regulations
  • Succession planning and business continuity
  • Using Microsoft Excel and Word to improve efficiency
Tenement Management Basics
  • Basics of WA tenure
  • Describing land areas under the Mining Act, Land Administration Act and the Parks and Reserves Act
  • Outline of available tools and locations for obtaining data
Excel for Tenement Management
  • Advanced Excel Training targeting specific tenement management requirements
Tenement Applications
  • Monitor tenure for acquisition opportunities
  • Understanding the basic grid system
  • Marking out and applying for tenure
  • Application compliance requirements
  • Compulsory notifications to Government bodies and other parties
  • Objection reasons and processes
  • Implications of Native Title, freehold and reserve land
Commitment Compliance & Expenditure Reporting
  • Accounting to comply with the Mining Act
  • Expenditure allocation
  • Allowable expenditure
  • Drafting expenditure exemption applications
  • Application for forfeiture – implications and how to avoid them
  • Group reporting
Success Strategies for Tenement Compliance
  • Renewal requirements
  • Success in Expenditure reporting and Exemptions
  • Partial surrender of Exploration Licences
  • Converting exploration tenure to Mining Leases
  • Technical reporting
  • Extension of Term
Navigating Native Title
  • Basic outline of Native Title and DMIRS policy and Procedures
  • Overview of Aboriginal Heritage
Environmental Compliance
  • Overview of environmental legislation
  • Compliance with DMIRS environmental policy
  • Procedure to monitor environmental obligations
  • Project management for environmental consideration

Land Track’s Comprehensive, Real-world Training

Our two day  Practical Tenement Management training provides a thorough introduction to all the essential basics of the role in WA.

Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll be clear about everything you need to do to secure your company’s key assets. And the best way to do it.

You’ll have the knowledge, skills and tools to ensure you keep your organisation’s tenure secure. And your Directors will feel confident they can trust you to manage compliance risks.

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