LandTracker Data Analysis solves our client's problem

A leading Perth law-firm needed to quickly and accurately conduct a due diligence for a proposed mining acquisition for one of their major clients.

We were contacted by a partner from the firm requesting that we respond quickly to their request.

They required a tool that would allow their team to work collaboratively to swiftly and accurately produce a due diligence report for the new project.

Trusted, accurate due diligence reports required

With LandTracker Data Analysis our client was able to produce large sets of reports, quickly and accurately delivering a comprehensive due diligence for their own client.

Our client acquired LandTracker Data Analysis in the morning and after a couple of hours training their staff was quickly and accurately producing due diligence reports by the afternoon.

Easy to Install, Easy to Use

With our responsive Support Team, LandTrack Systems was able to swiftly respond to our client’s need for a tool to accurately produce a timely, trusted, comprehensive due diligence report for their client.


Support & Training

Responsive and Accurate

LandTracker Data Analysis allowed our client to produce accurate reports within hours, which would normally take weeks to create manually.

Larena provided group training which was enthusiastically received by our client.

‘At LandTrack Systems, we’re a team of resourceful software specialists. We’re defiantly different because we believe in prioritising people and relationships ahead of everything.’

LandTrack Systems