An urgent due diligence was required, followed by managing asset and tenement compliance

An experienced tenement manager for a large gold company needed to perform an urgent due diligence. She contacted LandTrack Systems for Assistance. Our client also wanted to investigate LandTracker which tracks and manages asset and tenement compliance.

Timing is Everything

LandTrack Systems advised our client to purchase LandTracker Data Analysis which, among other things, allows the user to produce comprehensive, accurate reports across any set of tenements. This is useful for auditing or due diligence and includes a customisable Due Diligence Excel report.

The purchase was completed in the morning, and soon after LandTracker Data Analysis was installed on the client’s desktop.

Swift action resolved timely need

Our client was able to use LandTracker Data Analysis to create the due diligence reports that same afternoon.

After using LandTracker Data Analysis for a couple of weeks and chatting with our friendly support and sales teams, our client understood the value in upgrading to LandTracker. This allowed her to improve corporate governance by having a full audit trail of asset and tenement compliance tracking and reporting.


Support & Training

Remote Installation followed by comprehensive training

We were able to install LandTracker Data Analysis remotely, serving our client’s needs efficiently and effectively.

After deciding to upgrade to LandTracker we rolled out our 12 week implementation plan which includes customisation and face to face training.

‘At LandTrack Systems, we’re a team of resourceful software specialists. We’re defiantly different because we believe in prioritising people and relationships ahead of everything.’

LandTrack Systems