GeoSearch Alert Averts Accidental Tenement Surrender

Northern Star is a long-term client of LandTrack Systems – they have had a licence for our unique spatial-based land monitoring software, Geosearch, since 2015. They also use Expenditure Watch and Mineral Titles Audit to manage their mining compliance and protect tenure.

In her role as Tenement Manager at Northern Star, Kathryn uses automated alerts generated by GeoSearch. They include any changes detected overnight by state mining departments Australia wide.

These reports are delivered straight to her team’s inbox every day, so checking them is a routine task for monitoring tenement activity.

GeoSearch Alert Sparks Investigation

One morning Kathryn received a GeoSearch alert that one of Northern Star’s main mining tenements had been surrendered.

She was shocked and extremely concerned because she knew she hadn’t surrendered this tenement.

Convinced there must be an error in our data, Kathryn reached out to us. Four applications had already been submitted over the ground, so she needed us to start an investigation as quickly as possible.

LandTrack Systems Team Leaps Into Action

We always take any issues relating to data anomalies seriously, so when we received Kathryn’s phone call, we acted immediately.

We examined the data behind the GeoSearch email alert and were able to quickly uncover the source of the problem.

The data was correct. The tenement had been surrendered – but not by Northern Star.

We had the history of the tenement data, which meant we could clearly show Kathryn what had happened to her tenement.

We discovered that an unrelated holder had entered the wrong tenement when lodging an online surrender. They had inadvertently surrendered one of Northern Star’s main mining tenements which, in the meantime, led to the four applications for the ground.


Support & Training

We acted quickly.

We examined the data behind the GeoSearch email alert and were able to quickly uncover the source of the problem.

‘As a Tenement Manager, I rely on particular pieces of software to run the complex day to day tenement management requirements. When GeoSearch immediately alerted me to a surrender of one of my Tenements, I was understandably concerned. It was one of our key Mining Tenements, and I knew I had not lodged a surrender.

After contacting LandTrack Systems, they were super supportive and quick to respond to what had happened. I was able to have the error rectified with the Mines Department, ensuring that our tenement was indeed safe, and the 4 applications lodged would go no further.’

Kathryn Todd – Tenement Manager – Mining Industry