Expenditure Watch and LandTrack Systems Training combine to make the impossible simple

When experienced bookkeeper, Jenni Kelsall started her new job as a Tenement Manager for Nu-Fortune Gold Ltd, she faced an uncertain and seemingly impossible task – how to produce Form 5s (Operations Reports) without ever having produced one before and with no tools to help other than Excel.

To complicate matters further, she was responsible for combining the accounts from their joint venture partner from a different accounting system to her own.

Trusted, accurate and complaint Form5s required

We were able to setup and install Expenditure Watch in a short time and assisted with the allocation of account codes to the online Form 5 categories.

We were able to create separate imports and account sets for the joint venture partner.

At the same time we were able to improve Jenni’s skills and knowledge after she attended our training course Practical Tenement Management.

Easy to Install, Easy to Use

With the combination of our training and efficiencies in Expenditure Watch, not only has Jenni been able to create and submit Form 5s with confidence, she is now training a new person in the office.


Support & Training

Responsive and Accurate

Expenditure Watch allowed Nu-Fortune to be able to merge accounts data from 2 different accounting systems seamlessly and produce and upload compliant Operations Reports for the first time. It also provides Nu-Fortune with a full audit trail should they be audited by the department for expenditure submission.

We implemented, installed and now provide ongoing training and support of Expenditure Watch,  which is all enthusiastically received by Jenni and everyone at Nu-Fortune Gold.

‘At LandTrack Systems, we’re a team of resourceful software specialists. We’re defiantly different because we believe in prioritising people and relationships ahead of everything.’

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