Expenditure Watch Provided Accurate Data To Reveal Compliance Risk

A Tenement Manager for one of our mining clients inherited a legacy spreadsheet which was meant to calculate how to allocate mining expenditure across their tenements. The spreadsheet was totally unworkable, and the manager was concerned about its capability to ensure compliance with their expenditure commitments.

Unallocated Expenditure Discovered

The client asked LandTrack Systems to install Expenditure Watch, our exploration expenditure tracking software. We also provided training to the Tenement Manager, so they were competent monitoring ongoing expenditure commitments.

They quickly discovered they were right about the old spreadsheet. Once Expenditure Watch was up and running, we found hundreds of thousands of dollars of expenditure that had not been allocated across their mining costs.

We were able to customise a solution with Expenditure Watch that automatically distributed the expended mining costs to the relevant tenement’s Form 5. This outcome saved our client time and further expenditure needed to meet their commitments.

Auditable, Automatic Expenditure Distribution

By introducing Expenditure Watch into their business, our client now has a trustworthy, accurate and auditable means of distributing all their mining expenditure across relevant tenements. They can also access our outstanding client support whenever they need help.

This has saved them time and will ensure long-term cost savings across their organisation.


Support & Training

Customised Solution.

We were able to customise a solution with Expenditure Watch which allowed our client to distribute expended mining costs, to the relevant Form5s therefore saving on further expenditure needed to meet commitment.

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