Training Overview

Join us for two value-packed days that will broaden your practical WA mining compliance capabilities, knowledge and understanding. You’ll learn about:

Monitoring Tenure
  • GeoSearch
  • Extracting WAMEX data
  • LandTracker Maps
  • Mineral Titles Online queries
  • Land awareness – National Parks, Reserves, Freehold, Native Title Groups, Regulatory boundaries
Tengraph Web
  • Tabs
  • Pan and zoom
  • I want to…, Context and Results menus
  • Tenement Layers
  • Native Title and Heritage Survey
  • Quick Appraisal
  • Feature Action Menu
  • Polygons
  • Create projects and maps
  • GeoView
Tenement Application
  • Mineral Titles Online – Title related transactions
  • CRG
  • Compliance actions using LandTracker
  • Mineralisation reports and mining proposals
  • Apply for a tenement
Exploration on Tenure
  • POW
  • Commitment
  • Native vegetation
  • Partial Surrender
  • Environmental rehabilitation
  • MRF
Reporting Compliance
  • Setting up your accounting system for DMIRS compliance requirements
  • Collating expenditure: what is and is not permitted
  • Rent and rates
  • Administration costs
  • Mineral Titles Online – Online Transactions
Reporting Internally
  • Budget
  • Business Case
  • Board Reports
  • ASX Reports
What to Do When Things Go Wrong
  • Rent
  • Expenditure
  • Expiry/renewal
  • Annual reporting
  • Objections
  • Application for forfeiture
  • Heritage
  • Environment
  • …and how to avoid
Recent Developments in the WA Mining Industry
  • Recent court rulings
  • Proposed Warden’s court changes
  • Proposed legislative and regulatory change

Improve Your Understanding – Improve Your Performance

There’s a reason we called our Advanced Tenement Management training ‘One Year in the Life of a Tenement Manager’. It’s been designed to prepare you for both the everyday and extraordinary events you can expect to encounter as a tenement manager

Our hands-on training includes real case studies and work experiences from WA’s tenement management community.

Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll be well-equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools to work more effectively and add value to your organisation.

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