LandTracker Maps - Free Land Management Software

LandTracker Maps is a revolutionary new app that finally frees your tenements from the chains of archaic GIS systems. Based on simple Google Maps, you can now access up-to-date outlines and details of any mining tenements in Australia - FOR FREE.

LandTracker Maps is designed to work just as well on your mobile device as on your desktop. If you are using a smart phone or tablet, by adding a bookmark to LandTracker Maps to your home page, you get full app functionality next time you start it!

For instant access to all YOUR projects and tenements, link LandTracker Maps to Tenement Safety Net and protect your tenure from accidents or mistakes. You will then be also able to view all of your tenements easily and see their relationship to each other and surrounding tenements.

To get up and running with a Tenement Safety Net Trial, email us a spreadsheet containing your tenement list (with project and responsible party columns preferably) and we will do the rest

For further information or make suggestions for new features, contact us on 08 6365 4111 or Click here to email us.

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LandTracker Maps Free Mobile App

LandTracker Maps - Free Tenement Mapping Software

Synchronise tenement boundary tracks to your GPS device and view your tenements and any surrounding tenements across Australia using our new portable Google Maps app LandTracker Maps.

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