We have worked for the last 15 years writing software for the Australian mining industry. Along the way we realised our real job is helping you to do your work with the least amount of stress and maximum productivity. That involves more than just writing software. We recognised the need for tenement & environmental compliance training and used our expertise to develop a suite of highly targeted, technology rich courses covering specific job requirements that complement our cost effective software.

When you attend you will gain the confidence, knowledge & practical skills to manage complex compliance issues helping secure your future in the mining industry. You will also meet our friendly support team who will help you to embed your learning in the weeks to come.

Our products are highly specialised for the Australian mining industry, maximising the benefit they provide. Value comes from intelligently leveraging existing databases: online government databases such as WA‘s Mineral Titles Online, state GIS tenement datasets, as well as in house accounts and tenement systems.

You will save days of work per month, help you sleep at night, and hundreds of thousands of dollars on exploration.

“LandTrack Systems' products make managing tenements efficient and have allowed us to increase our tenement package without increasing our resources, which in the current climate is critical. In addition, the software is reliable and flexible, and the customer service LandTrack Systems provides is second to none. They are an extremely ethical company and they go out of their way to ensure that any issues are dealt with promptly.”

Rachael Chalmers, Gold Fields, Australia

“The training LandTrack Systems provided went really well and we covered a lot of ground. I’ve started working with Mineral Titles Audit and looking at the reports it produces, which are great. We just have Expenditure Watch to work on next, but given the e-Form5 course I attended the other day with LandTrack Systems and the remote desktop training you offer, we will be up to speed in no time.

“It’s refreshing to have a company so willing to help and be of assistance in any way they can - it makes the transition and learning process so much easier knowing there is that support there, and that it’s continuous. So thank you for that – it is greatly appreciated.”

Jane Collins, Tenement Officer, Saracen Gold Mines, Australia

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