Phillippa Clarke

25 Jun 2019

“I believe that the quality of a company’s production is a reflection of the quality and integrity of its culture; how people are valued and engage in work that is at its heart creative and collaborative.” [Phillippa Clarke]

As an educator and former director of Buzz Dance Theatre, Phillippa has a talent for drawing out the best in creative people. She shares Justin’s ‘people first’ philosophy.

Her role at LandTrack is to cultivate a fun, caring and aesthetically pleasing workplace.

She brings a dash of artistic flair to LandTrack’s office environment – a rare ingredient at other software development companies.

Phillippa’s considerable career as a creative artist/educator is reflected in her qualifications:

  • Master’s in Fine Arts – University of Northern Carolina;
  • Diploma of Performing Arts: Dance – Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts;
  • Diploma of Teaching – ECU, Perth.

When she’s not working, she loves to play with ideas with anyone willing to grapple. She is currently studying to become a Feldenkrais Method Practitioner.