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At LandTrack Systems we pride ourselves on the level support we provide. We actively build, develop and maintain relations based on trust and value. As such we offer relentless customer support. Here are a few client testimonials which will allow you to gauge the kind of relationships we build with our clients:

“Once again LandTrack Systems has excelled with their new release of the LandTracker Database and Tenement Wiki. The LandTrack Systems team are simply unbelievable with their dedication and passion in putting together and delivering such an amazing database. Not only is the database an excellent system for all experienced Tenement Managers, it also enables Non-Tenement Managers, providing the tools within the database to get an understanding of what is required to keep assets in good standing. The Tenement Wiki provides the know how on how to accomplish that goal. Do yourself and your company a favour and get on board with the new LandTracker Database, you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain. ”

Linda Skender, Deblin Tenement Management Services

“At Karara Mining we recently changed our tenement management software over to LandTracker and have been very happy with the results. LandTracker has a great complement of well thought out features, aided by a quick and responsive support team, plus a robust user forum where suggestions for improvements are readily incorporated. As someone relatively inexperienced in tenement management I rely heavily on LandTracker to ensure all our tenements are managed effectively, and the team at Landtrack have been incredibly helpful in providing support. It’s a fantastic product and I would unhesitatingly recommend LandTracker to anyone looking to simplify their tenement management processes.”

Trevor Ennis-John, Karara Mining

“The training LandTrack Systems provided went really well and we covered a lot of ground. I’ve started working with Mineral Titles Audit and looking at the reports it produces, which are great. We just have Expenditure Watch to work on next, but given the e-Form5 course I attended the other day with LandTrack Systems and the remote desktop training you offer, we will be up to speed in no time.

“It’s refreshing to have a company so willing to help and be of assistance in any way they can - it makes the transition and learning process so much easier knowing there is that support there, and that it’s continuous. So thank you for that – it is greatly appreciated.”

Jane Collins, Tenement Officer, Saracen Gold Mines, Australia

“LandTrack Systems' products make managing tenements efficient and have allowed us to increase our tenement package without increasing our resources, which in the current climate is critical. In addition, the software is reliable and flexible, and the customer service LandTrack Systems provides is second to none. They are an extremely ethical company and they go out of their way to ensure that any issues are dealt with promptly.”

Rachael Chalmers, Gold Fields, Australia

“Mt Audit, Tenement Safety, LandTracker Maps and Geosearch are absolutely brilliant and are excellent tools for any tenement manager. The more I use MT Audit the more impressed I am at how much it can do as opposed to other databases in the market place. It’s amazing how much information can be obtained from a click of the mouse! I would also like to commend the LandTrack team for their prompt attention to attending to any question I might ask and the dedication to getting the matter resolved. The turnaround is unbelievable and I find it quite refreshing dealing with people who are proud of their product.

Linda Skender, Toro Energy Limited

“Landtrack Systems have continually provided Atlas with reliable software and professional, friendly support. Landtrack’s MT Audit and Expenditure Watch software has become central to Atlas’ everyday management of our extensive tenement portfolio. Atlas values it’s ongoing relationship with Landtrack and certainly recommend their services to others who may be seeking a reliable maintenance solution for their tenement portfolio, no matter how great or small.”

Cara Fernihough, Senior Tenement Officer, Atlas Iron

“As a tenement management service managing titles Australia wide, it is crucial we have our fingers on the pulse daily. We have been using the information supplied in Geosearch reports for 2 years now throughout various aspects of our work. These reports provide peace of mind in assisting us with the compliancy of our client assets as well as monitoring client and competitor activity. We have found the support service to be efficient when responding to queries as they arise.”

Leanne Brock, Managing Director, Australian Mining and Exploration Title Services

“LandTracker maps is a comprehensive and user-friendly web based mapping system that provides current spatial tenement data Australia-wide. I use LandTracker on a daily basis to monitor our projects that span across multiple jurisdictions within Australia. Having this current spatial data available in one location for all of our projects enhances my own productivity and time efficiency through the design of this simple yet effective program.”

Adam Groeneveld, Senior Land Coordinator, Sandfire Resources NL

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