Product Pricing - As of June 2018

The following includes rental pricing for LandTrack Systems software. For further information on product pricing contact us on 1300 659 454 or via email or download our Pricing Schedule (Tenement Safety Net, GeoSearch and Expenditure Watch) in PDF Format.

LandTracker comes in a wide variety of configurations depending upon your requirements. Please contact us for pricing, or via email to set up a Discovery Session.

All Products: One Off Setup Fee: from $600 (depending on the complexity). This includes installation, training and ongoing support and upgrades.

Rental Licence:

Expenditure Watch : Pricing is based on a single Editor Licence, which includes unlimited Read Only Licences.


Expenditure Watch: Setup includes generating import maps, importing of tenements and projects, mapping accounting system cost codes and importing current and previous financial year's expenditure.

GeoSearch Premium: Paid Extract: additional charges apply per tenement per extract.

All prices are excluding GST. Subject to change without notice.

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Save time and money

LandTrack Systems products are designed to automate what is otherwise manual paperwork. Through an efficient automated process these products effectively save you time and money and usually pay for themselves within 12 months.

Download Pricing Schedule (Tenement Safety Net, GeoSearch and Expenditure Watch): PDF
Discounts on our products may apply when you purchase multiple products. For current discounts and specials information contact us via email or call 1300 659 454.



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