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GeoSearch - Land Management Software

GeoSearch is a web application designed to help you keep track of land use changes in specific areas of interest. Its primary purpose is provide timely alerts of newly available land, however it can also be used to keep track of any changes to tenements – holders, grants etc, that are valuable business intelligence for keeping track of surrounding activity.

Existing searches for dead tenements and available land are not GIS based, and require constant monitoring to locate newly dead tenements or area changes. GeoSearch is GIS based, using daily datasets downloaded from the different state mines departments. You define an area of interest via coordinates when setting it up. GeoSearch will only report on changes within the area of interest.

As a web application, GeoSearch requires no installation, and, once set up, requires no user actions or computer resources. Reports arrive daily by email, based on any changes detected overnight. Included in the report are a list of changes, As data is sourced from the different state departments, the reports are limited by the same copyright and indemnity clauses the different states apply, as well as the availability of up to date data at the time of preparing each day’s report.

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GeoSearch - Tenement Management Software

Current Version: 2.01

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