LandTrack Systems

LandTrack Systems is an Australian owned company based in Perth. It was set up in 2004 to develop innovative web based applications, and quickly developed a reputation for innovation, reliability, quality and support.

With our growing range of products and a solid client base, we have a low-risk, sustainable business model. Internally the company runs as an Agile team, based on the philosophy of the Agile Manifesto.

We support more than 40 Australian Mining Company Clients including BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Barrack Gold, Newmont Australia and tenement management consultancies.


Justin von Perger, Principal Consultant.

Justin has over 25 years experience in the WA software industry, as a developer, electronic engineer and IT Manager. He started LandTrack Systems in 2004 to develop web enabled business applications. He has a degree in Computer Science from UWA, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Business (information systems) from Curtin University. Justin loves his vegetable garden, and maintains an interest in renewable energy and sustainable living.

Phillippa Clarke, Director

Phillippa co-founded LandTrack Systems with Justin in 2004. Her role is ensuring that the company is a fun and aesthetically pleasing place to work. In a previous life she directed Buzz Dance Theatre, and her skills at managing creative people are second to none. Phillippa has a Masters in Fine Arts from the University of Northern Carolina, a Diploma of Performing Arts Dance from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and a Diploma of Teaching from ECU.

Rachel Whiteman, Client Relations

Rachel has a High National Diploma in Computer Science from the Robert Gordon University of Aberdeen, Scotland. With over 30 years of experience as an IT Consultant she has provided training, support, relational database design and implementation for a broad range of clients in the oil and gas industry and health services. Rachel is also an established artist with a new interest in Abstract Art. She also practices yoga regularly. Her role at LandTrack Systems is to build, develop and maintain client relations based on trust and value, and manage the support team for all LandTrack Systems products and develop Sales & Marketing strategies.

Suraj Patel, Software Developer

Suraj has over 15 years of IT experience across the Financial Services and Trade industries. His previous roles have involved providing hardware and software support whilst developing applications and websites at mid-level and managerial positions.His role at LandTrack Systems is to provide support on all the current products, whilst working with the team to develop new innovative products and applications for the company. Suraj loves playing badminton and table tennis and has a Bachelor of Science with Honours degree in Computer Science from the University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

Stefan Klaric, Software Developer

Stefan has been with Landtrack Systems since September 2012 and provides software development and support. He brings with him over 10 years experience in relational database management and design, network and hardware support, and has developed systems for financials, production and logistics, spending most of his career in WA's manufacturing industry. Stefan enjoys swimming, 4-wheel-driving and music production.

Peter Brammall, Strategic Support

Peter has 30 years experience in the mining industry commencing as a field technician on a drill rig in Orange drilling the first holes into Cadia Mine. Peter has 20 years as a tenement manager providing specialist tenement management advice and assistance to the industry and in this time studying to become a lawyer. He has an in depth knowledge of the various mining legislation and policy around Australia and can assist by providing exceptional administration skills combined with strong conceptual/analytical ability to successfully deal with complex and ambiguous issues, conflicting priorities, and to develop creative solutions within very strict time frames. He also enjoys outdoor activities with the most notable adventures being; horse riding through the High Plains in Vic and NSW to Rockhampton Qld, bike riding the length of the Munda Biddi trail and the Friendship Highway through Tibet. Most notable hikes being the Cape to Cape, Cradle Mountain in TAS and Milford Sound New Zealand.

Mike Smith, Support & Training

Mike brings 15 years of IT experience, with roles in training, technical support and software development. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Information Technology from Curtin University and enjoys helping out customers and showing them how to get the most out of LandTrack Systems’ products to suit their needs. When he’s not spending time with his family, Mike tries to hurt himself in the gym and is a terrible poker player.

Larena Woodmore, Support & Training

Larena has worked in the IT industry for over 15 years, providing support, training, testing and business systems analysis for a range of industries. She enjoys helping people to make the most of software tools to meet business goals. When not at work, Larena enjoys photographing the creatures living in her garden and maintains a website displaying over 800 species she has captured.

Jeremy Wong, Software Developer

Jeremy has over 15 years experience in training, engineering and business development roles. He has degrees in Engineering and Computer Science from Curtin University and enjoys working with clients to get the most out of our suite of tools at LandTrack Systems . When he takes off his geeky hat for the day, Jeremy loves the energy and the high of teaching group fitness classes and capturing people and events with his heavy camera.

Roget Bibby, Environmental Support Specialist

Roget is a qualified Lead Auditor in Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001) with an MSc. in Environmental Management and Technology from Oxford Brookes University. Roget has 14 years’ international experience within Australia and the Caribbean in a range of industries, bringing a wealth of experience in environmental management plans, regulatory approvals and reporting, environmental risk assessment, and sustainability strategy development. His role at LandTrack Systems is to provide environmental expertise in the development and support of LandTrack Systems’ products and client base. Roget’s personal pursuits are just as diverse as his professional ones enjoying the outdoors with his family on foot, mountain bike and kayak. He is the bass player in a steel pan orchestra, does occasional pantomime acting and is a self-confessed food nerd who has his own brand of Caribbean inspired sauces and condiments.

Claire Robertson, Support & Training

Claire has 10+ years experience in exploration geophysics, hydrogeology, GIS and environmental management. With a degree in Exploration Geophysics from Curtin University, she delights in data manipulation programs and assisting clients to get the most out of the available processes in LandTrack Systems' applications. Personally one of her loves is for fish, in and out of the ocean, pursuing diving, swimming and fishing with her daughter who has all the luck when catching fish.

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