LandTracker - Asset Management System

LandTracker is a versetile, intelligent, modern asset management system initially focused on protecting, managing and tracking mineral title compliance and agreements in Australia.

Unlike current systems on the market, LandTracker saves time and increases accuracy by automatically updating and auditing itself against government databases.

LandTracker is designed for and integrates with today’s desktop environment and utilises secure communication technologies to deliver exceptional support services.

The key features of LandTracker are listed in the product overview.

LandTracker has many benefits over the current market competitors:


Pricing for LandTracker starts at $6,900 (ex. GST.) This includes a 1 Site and 1 Editor installation with unlimited Read Only users. For more detailed pricing please contact us.

For more details or to book a FREE trial of LandTracker , please contact us or click here to email.

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LandTracker V1.0

LandTracker - Tenement Management Software


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